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CrossFit training is a functional training method that is tailored to fit the needs of each individual athlete according to his personal fitness, age and health requirements. Our training is supervised by top quality CrossFit trainers who strive to understand the needs of each of our clients. CrossFit uses ground exercises, weights, and aerobic work, to build resilience and flexibility. Our routines and workouts will leave you feeling strong and confident!

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Achieve long-lasting results while taking part in a fun and dynamic workout!

CrossFit training and workouts do not take place in a ‘typical’ gym, but in a completely experiential environment! Our CrossFit trainers have extensive experience and professional knowledge. They invest their time and energy into each athlete in order to help them achieve individual success. We do this by targeted training which has been proven to help our clients achieve amazing long-lasting results. Once you are feeling encouraged and motivated mentally, you will be amazed at what your body is capable of!



  • CrossFit Modiin is a great little place to train. They have a great community and when I was there you could see that off the bat. People stayed back after class, some came early before class to hang out with friends. This is something very important to me. “Open the box before the first guy walks in and close the gym when the last guy leaves, love it and care about your clients more than anyone else and you will have a successful box” Gregg Gassman. This is what Murry and the crew at CrossFit Modiin does.

    Simon Jones
  • It doesn't have to be fancy, it has to be effective. I grew up training in a 2 car garage and what made that training center the best in the world were the athletes I got to lift with day in and day out. At CrossFit Modiin, it is the same story. Solid crew, legit box and community driven.
    Beau Burgener
  • Murry shown here is the proud owner of crossfit modiin in Israel!! Very legit box for all your crossfit needs. Crossfit modiin is all about community and teaching safely efficiently as well as effectively. Crossfit modiin is very community based and I give it the highest endorsement!!

    Mike Burgener

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